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I've halfway considered getting a new truck in the next 6 months. I've been looking around and had several choices. The first would be the toyota Tacoma. I have one now and it has been problem free. Obviously well engineered. The problem is that not only does the new tacoma look hideous, but they blew it up to be enormous. I dont particularly like big trucks, and it seems stupid to buy a compact truck that's almost as big as a Tundra and has a bulging plastic front end. They are also expensive- costing almost 27k for the middle model. The Ford ranger is too old. The Nissan is equally ugly and bulbous, plus Nissan frames are puney. Enter the Chevy Colorado. I like the straight 6 and straight 5 piston engines they come with. I like the styling, and they cost almost 10k less. It's also too new to know exactly how good it is. Anyone here have one? any thoughts? I know there are US car haters, so keep an open mind.I'm open to all the makes at this point.



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